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Are Lederhosen the New Jeggings? Say It Ain’t So

If you thought jeggings couldn’t be topped as the worst hybrid garment, think again. It seems that leather shorts are supposedly, despite their sweat-inducing qualities and overall cringeworthy-ness, the next big thing for spring.

The Wall Street Journal says that these shorts, which it likens to lederhosen (minus the front flaps and suspenders), have gained momentum after being worn by Rihanna and Miley Cyrus and popping up on the spring runways at Chloé, YSL, Emilio Pucci, Alice + Olivia, and the Row, which has a $1,100 pair that Bergdorf is naming its “key item” of the season.

And that alone wouldn’t be such a big deal. After all, not all ridiculous trends end up trickling down to the masses.

Then, to our dismay, we read that Zara is carrying a paper-bag–waist version with a relatively affordable price tag of $99.99, and now we fear pleather versions at Forever 21 and H&M are not far away.

“It’s like a leather jacket,” says Ikram Goldman, owner of MObama’s favorite Chicago shop, of the item.

Except not really, because leather and jackets, both cool-weather staples, go together perfectly, whereas leather and shorts don’t.

While the article points out that designers are excited about this trend because they have finally created something that women don’t have in their closets, we’d like to point out that there’s an obvious reason for that.

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Are Lederhosen the New Jeggings? Say It Ain’t So