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Catherine McNeil and Ruby Rose Are Engaged!

Model Catherine McNeil was rumored to be engaged to girlfriend Ruby Rose a few months ago. But Ruby, a host on MTV in Australia, finally confirmed the engagement in Woman’s Day. They were both seen recently in L.A. wearing giant engagement rings, Catherine’s sapphire-and-diamond encrusted and Ruby’s an emerald-cut diamond with two side baguettes.

“I am blessed, I am lucky … I am really lucky, my missus is amazing,” [Ruby] told the woman’s magazine.

“We never talk about our relationship, because it is so sacred.”

“But one thing everybody knows is I am lucky and I am happy and if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t do what I do now.”

Aw, they are so sweet. However, the Herald Sun kills it by ending the story with this sentence: “The celebrity couple seldom see each other with Catherine living in New York and Rose based in Melbourne.” No one can stand it when two pretty people are happy together and wearing giant diamonds.

Ruby Rose confirms engagement to model Catherine McNeil [Herald Sun]

Catherine McNeil and Ruby Rose Are Engaged!