Crocs Is Making Ballet Flats

After going public in 2006, Crocs has lost millions, but the company is trying to get back on track with a new marketing campaign (you’ve probably seen the “Croslite” mascot massaging models’ feet?), a 2010 rollout of 30 to 50 new shops around the globe, and an expanded product line that includes the epically fugly Crocs ballet flats.

The new style, which is basically an orthopedic jelly shoe, includes the same no-slip sole and breathable material as the original rubbery clog worn by the likes of Mario Batali, George W. Bush, and preschoolers everywhere. And while it has a basic ballet-flat silhouette, there are added details like a sling back, peep toe, and metallic sheen.

“If we make it a little bit more stylish, then we start to appeal to a larger audience,” Crocs CEO John McCarvel, says of the new styles.

We suppose making products “a little bit more stylish” coming from the Crocs CEO isn’t saying much.

For New York–based fans of function over fashion, the new offerings, which will also include a loafer for men and flip-flops for women, will be available at the the company’s new Spring Street shop, opening in mid-May.

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Crocs Is Making Ballet Flats