Dreamworks Regrets VMan’s Shrek Spread

VMan recently released images of a fashion spread starring models alongside Shrek characters from its forthcoming issue. Dreamworks studio executives now say they regret allowing the characters to model for the magazine. Apparently they thought the pictures would turn out differently, perhaps with fewer topless men in acid-wash jeans and body chains. “In hindsight the studio would have declined to have the characters participate,” a rep for the film said.

Many parents of Shrek-watching kids might not get such snug-fitting pants, but they’re probably not likely to pick up VMan anyway. Dreamworks should be happy because this spread probably reeled in a new audience. We hadn’t necessarily thought much about seeing the fourth installment of Shrek this summer, but having seen the cute model feed the cat grapes, we’re far more inclined. VMan editor Stephan Gan said:

“I find the story funny, and it was done in good humor. As an editor of a progressive men’s magazine in America, one has to constantly think of celebrities, the most stylish models on the planet, and today’s male HEROES…that’s where Shrek comes in! My dream was to see this caliber celebrity make an appearance within a fashion story .”

We’d like to see him make Toy Story sexy.

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Dreamworks Regrets VMan’s Shrek Spread