Ex-Employee’s Suit Against Prada Japan Gains Momentum

Rina Bovrisse’s legal complaint against Prada Japan, who she said asked her to fire employees they found unattractive, has turned into a full-fledged lawsuit. Two former Prada Japan employees “who received the same harassments” are joining her in the suit. Bovrisse wants a public apology from Prada, a pledge not to continue the alleged discrimination, and money for psychological trauma and legal fees.

Bovrisse says Prada Japan called many female employees “aged, ugly, fat, bad body shape, bad teeth, disgusting, and not cute,” and tried to get them to quit. A source also told us she was thisclose to landing a job with Prada Japan, but never did because someone in the office didn’t like the way she dressed and did her makeup.

The trial begins May 17. Bovrisse’s lawyers said Prada offered Bovrisse around $107,000 in severance but she turned it down to fight for a public apology.

Two More Prada Employees Join Rina Bovrisse in Suit Against Prada Japan [StyleList]

Ex-Employee’s Suit Against Prada Japan Gains Momentum