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Our Picks for Gowns, Accessories, and Favors to Get You Through Wedding Season

Spring marks the unofficial beginning of the seemingly never-ending weddings season. While you’re toasting the happy couples, each additional save-the-date on your fridge might be cause for panic if you happen to be a bride yourself. From choosing a venue to picking out floral arrangements, wedding planning can get overwhelming. Let us take care of some of the legwork for you! In our latest Shop-a-Matic, we scoured the runways for innovative wedding dresses. From breathtaking fantasy ballgowns to fanciful romantic and floaty tiered frocks, we found 115 options for every budget. If you’ve already found the dress of your dreams but want to add some dramatic flair, we also have 120 ideas for accessories ranging from sparkly jewels to chic headpieces, which you can wear instead of a veil. But clothes aside, a great wedding always depends on the details, and one of the last a guest will remember are the favors. So forgo the Jordan almonds and try one of our 100 ideas for quirky-yet-memorable parting gifts. The full guide is here, but read on for our top picks.

Lily by Reem Acra
Price: $1,980
Why We Like It: The twisted and pleated origami-inspired bow adds a touch of modern detailing to the dress, while its short length lets you keep the party going all night without worrying about someone stepping on your train.

Gown With Jeweled Neckline by Priscilla of Boston
Price: $4,350
Why We Like It: Though it requires slightly more investment than your average gown, a bejeweled neckline makes up for it by negating the need for any other adornment beyond a simple pair of earrings.

Feather Headpiece by Guy Carsone Couture Millinery
Price: $180
Why We Like It: Feathers are a glamorous and equally dramatic option for brides who forgo a veil.

Time-to-Shine Bracelet by Anthropologie
Price: $20
Why We Like It: A slightly tarnished band gives this stretch bracelet a vintage feel that pairs perfectly with a lacy gown.

The Viking by Maro Designs
Price: $3
Why We Like It: Place one of these at each setting and watch as your guests begin to take silly pictures once the alcohol starts flowing.

Chocolate-Covered Cornflakes by Jacques Torres
Price: $5
Why We Like It: Dark chocolate covers satisfyingly crunchy cornflakes for a decadent treat that will have your guests trying to swipe extras off the other tables.

Our Picks for Gowns, Accessories, and Favors to Get You Through Wedding Season