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Loose Powder Banned in Outer Space; Blondes Make More Than Brunettes

• Four female astronauts traveled into space today with the space shuttle Discovery. Japanese astronaut Naoko Yamazaki mentioned that the women all bring makeup on their voyages, because they want to look good when they communicate on television. Eye shadow is allowed, while loose powder is not. [BellaSugar]

• The British journal Economics Letters reported that blondes are paid 7 percent more on average than brunettes. They also said that when certain factors were removed, like height, weight, and education, blondes statistically still received higher pay than brunettes. [Telegraph UK]

• Louis Licari, a beauty contributor to the Today show, says that the hair-coloring products used in salons and those you get from a box in the drugstore are basically the same thing. [HuffPo]

• Peter Philips on creating the sell-out jade nail polish for Chanel: “First of all, I did not invent green; green’s been around for a long time … I always thought it was a cute shade, but the catwalk show was the moment when I realized it was really hot. All the models were saying, ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to show it off afterwards,’ and they wanted to keep it on. So then I knew we had something.” [Times UK]

• The new Orly Sweet collection features six great pastel shades that look like little Easter eggs. One tester said the color didn’t chip for three days. [Kiss and Makeup]

•The Ritz-Carlton Spa introduced a new 90-minute Rare Facial, which uses La Prairie products. The treatment includes simultaneous rubdowns by a masseuse and aesthetician. [Daily Front Row]

• Swiss apples might become the next big beauty ingredient. A new beauty line named Eclos contains the ingredient and will debut in drugstores later this year, and the skin-care products promise to reduce wrinkles and promote cell growth to fight aging. [Drugstore News]

Loose Powder Banned in Outer Space; Blondes Make More Than Brunettes