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Robert Duffy Is Getting Married!

Marc Jacobs will be the best man in his business partner Robert Duffy’s wedding on Tuesday in Provincetown, where Duffy has a house. Duffy’s lucky groom is Alex Cespedes, a sexy foreigner Duffy met on a blind date last summer. Cespedes hails from Paraguay and works in real estate. Duffy gushed:

“My friend had been telling me, ‘This guy is perfect for you,’ ” he recalled. “Literally, I walked into the restaurant and said, ‘I hope it’s that guy over there.’ I sat down and it was great. He’s the love of my life and a wonderful man.”

Duffy calls Cespedes, who is religious and quiet, his “complete opposite.” Duffy, a gay-rights activist, may not be quiet, but he goes to church on Sundays now.

“I’ve sort of gotten him out of the Catholic thing and into the Episcopal thing just because we’re gay,” Duffy explained. “I’m like, ‘Alex, I cannot stand watching you put money in that collection basket.’ Because the Catholic church doesn’t exactly like gay people. I mean, they have enough gay people working in their organization, but according to them, we’re going to hell because we’re gay. I just don’t believe I should give money to them if they don’t like me.”

He wanted — unlike so many these days — an easy wedding, which his assistant planned. The small, simple affair has a guest list of just 86, and the wedding party will wear Marc Jacobs suits (no tuxes). A Unitarian minister will conduct the ceremony, hopefully outside, and though the reception location has not been disclosed, it sounds like it’s taking place at a restaurant. Also, the cake is chocolate and Duffy doesn’t care what the napkins look like. Congrats to the happy couple!

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Robert Duffy Is Getting Married!