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Julia Restoin-Roitfeld Prefers to Call Her Friends ‘Elegant’ Rather Than ‘Classy’

Julia (right) in a Burberry dress and shoes with Pop editor Dasha Zhukova.

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld was hesitant to call her group of friends classy last night — even though we spoke to her at the launch of Derek Blasberg’s new book, Classy. “All my friends are pretty classy, I guess. No, I don’t want to say classy. All my friends are pretty elegant with good manners,” she said. Her favorite (classy, if you will) trends for spring are khaki and military-inspired styles, which she wore last night. “And, uh, enough with black,” she continued. “Like, you should mix black with colors. But not all black. It’s too sunny out for black — you have to have color.”

Simon Doonan doesn’t consider the cast of Jersey Shore classy, but forgives them since they’re “at least fun.” “I love the Jersey Shore. It’s great,” he told us. “I met Vinny and Pauly D at a party, and [my husband Jonathan Adler] and I were so excited to meet them that I think we scared them to death, ‘cause we were just fizzing and squealing like demented fans.” But Doonan didn’t freak them out too much. “My sister-in-law, fortunately, was there and she’s very busty and sexy, so it made it okay. She was there to kind of decoy them a bit, so they weren’t so terrified,” he explained. “I said, ‘I love you. I’ve written about you in my column. You’re so great.’ I said, ‘Do you know the New York Observer?’ And they didn’t.”

Zac Posen, meanwhile, was excited for the 24-hour pop-up shop Target will open next Thursday to celebrate the launch of his collection for the retailer. “I am the 24-hour party,” he said when we brought it up. He won’t stay for the whole thing, but said, “I’ll find ways to come in and out,” he assured us. “I’ll be reappearing at many different moments.”

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld Prefers to Call Her Friends ‘Elegant’ Rather Than ‘Classy’