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Stefano Pilati Misses a Party, Prompts Rumors of Rift With YSL

No, fashion people, you cannot miss a fancy party and a chance to strut to and fro for the cameras and your closest air-kissing friends! For work obligations, of all things. People will gossip about you! More so than usual! After Yves St. Laurent designer Stefano Pilati failed to show at the Metropolitan Opera Gala this week (Yves. St. Laurent is a big opera sponsor), Daily Front Row reported that rumors were circulating that his absence was due to Yves St. Laurent not being happy with his work at the house. The site reports retailers were talking during Paris Fashion Week about how Pilati’s YSL accessories sell well, but his ready-to-wear doesn’t. When he didn’t show to this week’s gala (he’s gone the two years prior at Anna Wintour’s side), rumors that the label was searching for a new designer reportedly intensified.

A YSL spokeswoman told the Daily, “He was busy with current work on the collection as well as the advertising campaign.” In a dinner speech, YSL ceo Valérie Hermann addressed Pilati’s absence:

“Finally, Stefano Pilati, YSL’s creative director, has asked me to convey how sorry he is not to be able to join us tonight, and sends his very best wishes from Paris, where he is busy with the coming collection, “ she said. “Somebody still has to work in this company.”

Spokespeople added that Pilati will be in town for the Costume Institute Gala on May 3 (though the house isn’t buying a table) and in New York again to show his cruise collection. Critics haven’t been overly thrilled with Pilati’s recent collections for the label, but that only gives him further reason to choose work over parties. Free Champagne in this town isn’t going anywhere.

Pilati at YSL: On the Rocks? [Daily Front Row]

Stefano Pilati Misses a Party, Prompts Rumors of Rift With YSL