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Terry Richardson Shot Tamara Mellon Naked

Tamara Mellon is the president and founder of Jimmy Choo, but she sees herself as more of a creative figurehead for the brand. Perhaps that’s why, although she is a very wealthy and powerful businesswoman, she posed naked for Terry Richardson for Interview, with a kitten over her naughty bits. She tells the magazine:

[J]ournalists normally come in with a preconceived idea about what I’m like. They have all these assumptions that aren’t accurate. They want this fantasy of this sort of tough businesswoman, red-carpet thing. That’s the story they want.

But that’s not who Mellon is! She is a woman shaped by hardship and scandal. The year after her father died, she split from her husband Matthew Mellon in a messy divorce. Then her CEO tried to wrest the company from her. She dated celebrities like Kid Rock and Christian Slater and fell victim to the fast and furious tabloid coverage. Last year she sued her mom, Ann Yeardye, for $9.5 million over shares of Jimmy Choo she said were deposited by mistake in her mother’s trust. But she won those back and recently moved from London to New York with her daughter.

So of course it’s the perfect time for a naked photo shoot! Like Real Housewife Ramona, she’s renewed herself, and sometimes a woman’s best “fuck you,” as Stephanie Seymour knows, is showing everyone who’s wronged her how great she looks. “I mean, it’s nude but it’s chic,” Mellon said. “I wonder what they’ll say at the next board meeting.” If Sonja doesn’t work out for Bravo, they should give Mellon a call.

Tamara Mellon [Interview]

Terry Richardson Shot Tamara Mellon Naked