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Carrie’s Sex and the City 2 Karaoke Costume Costs More Than $50K

The Fab Four’s attitudes toward clothing are among those things in life that are never meant to change. Michael Patrick King wrote Sex and the City 2 during the beginning of the recession, but that didn’t inspire him to cut back on flash and extravagance — it inspired him to make the spendiness of everything even more extreme. And so we have the girls in Abu Dhabi, each chauffeured in her own white Maybach, in practically a different outfit for every frame. “Patricia Field wasted no chance to beturban and bejewel the ladies to cartoonish extremes,” WWD writes. In one Abu Dhabi lunch scene, each girl has three outfits. And the cost of those outfits coordinates with the cost of those Maybachs.

There is much to look forward to fashion-wise in the ladies’ $10 million wardrobe: In the karaoke scene pictured, Carrie wears $4,000 embellished jeans by the Blonds under a $47,190 silver-and-gold Chanel lamé dress and overskirt. The spiky shoulders Samantha wears in Abu Dhabi are also by the Blonds and cost $5,000. The matching outfits Samantha and Miley Cyrus wear include $3,500 Matthew Williamson dresses and $300 Dolce Vita boots. Charlotte makes cupcakes in a vintage Valentino blouse under an Anthropologie apron. Miranda wears a $1,400 Roland Mouret dress and in another scene a five-figure 24-karat gold cuff.

A few non-designer pieces made it in, such as Carrie’s $48 House of Field plaid crop top. But we don’t want to see Carrie and the girls on a budget, wearing T-shirts to eat peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches in the park instead of Oscar de la Renta to pick at fries at Cafeteria, or shopping Zac Posen for Target instead of the real thing at Saks. Sex and the City was never about sparing or scrimping or doing less. And since we probably won’t get a Sex and the City 3, they might as well make the clothes too ridiculous and flashy to top.

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Carrie’s Sex and the City 2 Karaoke Costume Costs More Than $50K