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The Christian Louboutin Sale Is Like Bungalow 8 When It Was Cool

The Christian Louboutin sample sale is in its second day. The first was for VIPs, also known as editors, and today’s is for plebeians, also known as shoe freaks who are not affiliated with the media. It’s like a sexy new nightclub: First they have previews during Fashion Week or something, and then they let The People in. But only very special people who are on the list, and in the case of the Loub sale, getting on it required not only getting wind of this elusive fantastical event, but also RSVP-ing for it far in advance. The diehards who have done that began lining up on 38th Street today, where security is fierce, and no one who’s not on the list gets in.

Racked NY was on 38th Street at 8 a.m. this morning to witness any possible carnage. So far no one’s blasted the J.Lo song, but this happened:

A shopper also in line says she misread her RSVP confirmation and came yesterday instead of her confirmed date, today. She waited for three hours and when she was at the front of the line, staffers refused to let her in. So she’s back today.

Unlike this city’s finest house-music establishments, good looks and name-dropping won’t necessarily get you anywhere.

A staffer is warning everyone that if they’re not on the list, they shouldn’t both[er] waiting in line. A “forward from a friend” doesn’t count. A girl yelled out “Is Alex upstairs?” Her attempt at name-dropping was ignored.

Sisters, it’s okay. They’re just shoes with red bottoms, and no one in that sale is better than you because of it. Sometimes it’s important to remember that these are also Loubs.

Truly Persistant Louboutin Fans Turn Out for the Public Sale [Racked NY]

The Christian Louboutin Sale Is Like Bungalow 8 When It Was Cool