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Expect Angelina Jolie to Grace Magazine Covers Again

Magazine expert Samir Husni recently pontificated in the Daily Beast about the shift from mega-celebrities to models and lesser-celebrities on magazine covers. “What else do you really want to know about Angelina Jolie? With a lot of these celebrities, there’s nothing left to show unless they actually take their clothes off,” he said. So true, but! Angelina Jolie has Salt coming out, and we’re guessing most major fashion magazines wouldn’t pass up a cover with her, naked or not. And we’re not hoping for any terribly exciting Angie covers, either, because she’s already breast-fed on the cover of W, so what else can she do?

Vanity Fair, which reportedly booked Jolie for the August issue, will have to figure that out. Although we don’t much care how they shoot her, because we suddenly feel excited by the prospect of seeing her on the cover of a non-tabloid magazine again. People are always exciting when they disappear for a while and then come back. And those people are even more exciting when they’re married to Brad Pitt and globe-trot with an army of babies swarming around them like shin guards.

Other August covers reportedly include Drew Barrymore for Elle, Ali Larter for Lucky, and Dakota Fanning, who is now 16, for Marie Claire. Stefano Tonchi’s first cover for W will reportedly be Jon Hamm and Rebecca Hall, who co-star in a movie together.

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Expect Angelina Jolie to Grace Magazine Covers Again