‘Neither the Rains Nor the Hindu Gods’ Can Stop Fashion’s Night Out Shoppers

The drunken chaos of last year’s Fashion’s Night Out was not a thrill isolated to New York. Fashion’s Night Out shopping events took place that same night around the world. This year Vogue and its international sister editions plan to capitalize on the event by turning it into a full week. Fashion’s Night Out 2010 will span six nights, but that doesn’t mean you will be able to get wasted and fed for free in New York stores six nights in a row. Rather, countries will be assigned a night that works best for their schedules, and the result will be six nights of shopping fun at various locales around the world each night.

International editions of Vogue are promoting the events. Indian Vogue editor Priya Tanna told WWD:

“Fashion’s Night Out last year was the first luxury shopping festival to take place in India. It followed three consecutive days of rain and took place during an inauspicious time on the Hindu calendar for buying expensive items. But neither the rains nor the Hindu gods could stop the shoppers from coming.”

But that’s because at its heart, Fashion’s Night Out is a night of sin — a night where the mere sight of the Olsen twins “bartending” provides enough of an excuse for booze-infused revelers to climb the walls at Barneys, then go flash Barbara Walters singing on a stage at Oscar de la Renta’s store, and then tell a mom in an FNO T-shirt standing nearby all about it, only to snap back from their boozy haze to find out that mom was actually Anna Wintour, who has come forth from her high tower to mingle with We the People. And now normal people in even more countries can do their own version of that without actually buying anything anywhere.

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‘Neither the Rains Nor the Hindu Gods’ Can Stop Fashion’s Night Out Shoppers