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New Interview Spread Called Racist

Bloggers and online commenters are calling Interview’s “Let’s Get Lost” spread racist; Daria Werbowy poses wearing grease and designer clothing as the white model in a sea of non-white models. Refinery 29 writes:

From the differences in their dress (Daria’s in ethereal, angel-like gowns, the others are in knits and leathers) to their body language (A limp yet super-sexual Daria is the main focus, the others feel almost like props), the whole spread has a rather racist vibe that we can’t get down with.

Another commenter, on the blog Fashin, said the black models come off as “blackcessories.” Interview hasn’t responded to our repeated requests for comment, but if they do we’ll let you know what they have to say.

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New Interview Spread Called Racist