Next Sues Ford for Stealing Models

Ford has sued Next three times for allegedly stealing its models, like Kendra Spears. And now Next is suing Ford for stealing three of its most bankable babes, Anna Aleksandra Cywinska, Anna Maria Jagodzinska, and Karmen Pedaru. “Page Six” reports:

“Ford, which is no longer owned by the Ford family, has been taken over by Russian nationals who totally ignore the American legal system” with their “campaign to raid Next’s businesses,” the modeling superpower charges in papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Next claims they went through the trouble of filing immigration paperwork so that the girls could work legally in the U.S. and that they’re still under contract. The suit blames Next agent Agneiszka Ponarski for violating the six-month non-compete clause in her contract after defecting to Ford and taking the hotties with her.

The last suit Ford filed against Next in May 2009, also accusing the agency of stealing models who were under contract, is still pending. Next’s lawyer says the cases are “completely different,” and that “it’s a completely different situation with different models.” A catfight is a catfight no matter how it scratches. These places probably all even out at the end of the day anyway.

Model trio hot - as in stolen: biz [NYP]

Next Sues Ford for Stealing Models