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Patricia Field Is Preparing a Crazy Swim Show With Bathing Suits You Can’t Swim In

The Sex and the City 2 press juggernaut has the film’s stylist, Patricia Field, exhausted. “It’s wearing me down, wearing me out, trampling all over me,” she said at the Villagecare Tulips & Pansies Headdress Affair, where House of Field sent Pat Cleveland down the runway in a sequined minidress from their Keith Haring–inspired collection, topped off with a giant floral Afro by Tantawan Bloom.

But she’s not too tired to take advantage of all that publicity — House of Field swimwear, eyewear, and beach towels launches with a party and fashion show on May 25, the day after the SATC2 premiere. “We had this opportunity to develop a swimwear collection, and it just seemed fitting with the movie because we had been doing a lot of swim looks in the film last fall, and it just seemed to be organic,” House of Field designer David Dalrymple explained backstage.

The swim line has eighteen looks, with prices ranging from $90 to $150. “It’s beachwear, swimwear to look gorgeous in, to create a sensation around the pool in,” Field said. “It will also swim,” she added, unlike the outrageous looks the Blonds will show at the May 25 party. Dalrymple describes those as “cute little sequined swimsuits that you really can’t get wet, but, you know, they’re in the shape of a swimsuit.” Turkish designer Ivana Sert, who designed the swimwear that Kim Cattrall wears in the movie, will also show some pieces.

Field said she really doesn’t mind promoting SATC2 despite the grueling schedule. “You know, in a situation like this there really is no complaint because, I mean, when does something like this happen?” she told us. “This is, like, I don’t know, an explosion of the sun that just keeps exploding and exploding. And when you think the star is going to die, it just goes again. It’s fun.”

Patricia Field Is Preparing a Crazy Swim Show With Bathing Suits You Can’t Swim In