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Rick Owens Declined to Attend the Met Gala

If anyone is too cool for anything, it’s Rick Owens. He was invited to go to the Met gala but decided not to go for “reasons he’d rather not discuss,” though he did go to Mick Jagger and L’Wren Scott’s after-party. He’s only been to New York two times in the last seven years (he likes to stay close to Paris, his home base) but he still gets recognized in Soho — the ultimate in New York cred, where shoppers would probably rather step on a piece of glass:

“It surprised me because I usually consider myself pretty obscure. I get it if I’m in Soho. I mean, people are really into fashion and stuff. But even so, I mean I was just kind of surprised. Maybe I’m not quite that obscure anymore.”

And though he may eschew mainstream balls, he won’t eschew mainstream attention:

“I love being commercial. I love making banal everyday things with my particular aesthetic. I almost feel like it’s corruption.”

He might be the only designer we’d beg to never do a Target line.

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Rick Owens Declined to Attend the Met Gala