Diddy Made Anna Wintour Dance at the Met Gala

At a press conference this morning announcing a partnership to sell Sean John exclusively at Macy’s (outside of Sean John stores), Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren revealed that Anna Wintour would return to Macy’s for Fashion’s Night Out this year. “Anna and I had breakfast last Thursday and we talked about this very subject, and said how do we outdo last year?” he told us. “And she said, ‘Let’s just do it.’” Last year Anna signed FNO T-shirts at a Macy’s in Queens, but Lundgren wouldn’t reveal which location she’d park herself at this year.

Diddy also told us that he had a smashing good time with Anna at the Met Gala on Monday night. “It was incredible,” he said. “More glamorous than the Oscars, and I’ve been to both.” He also shared some special moments with Anna Wintour on the dance floor. “We danced a little bit,” he told us (photographic proof here). “Yeah, she danced with me. I made her dance. I made Oprah dance,” he said. Did they shake it to Lady Gaga’s performance? “No.”

Diddy was also proud of his evolved Sean John line. “We’ve stepped out of that urban, hip-hop box that people tried to put us in, in the beginning,” he said. “Our clothing is bought by all colors, all races. We live in a new America where that style of thinking is almost ancient right now — that because the designer is black that his clothes are black. Things have evolved and this is a true testament to that. Christian Louboutin is black, but that doesn’t mean his shoes are black. I’m black but my clothes are for everybody.”

Terry Lundgren said Diddy approached the company to create a partnership and that they turn down “95 percent of invitations” to sell labels exclusively. With an October launch, Diddy also plans to do something at at least one Macy’s store during Fashion’s Night Out on September 10. Maybe he and Anna can just have a dance-off.

Diddy Made Anna Wintour Dance at the Met Gala