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Something About Lady Gaga’s American Idol Look Underwhelmed

discoamz: What did you think of Gaga on American Idol last night?

$har: I just watched it online. Turned it off halfway through. Her voice sounded … weird.

discoamz: Agreed — it was off.

discoamz: But the outfit didn’t make me want to keep watching. Nor did all those twigs on her piano.

$har: No, definitely not.

$har: Although, she did try to make the cape thing happen.

discoamz: Meh. I think she’s more about showing as much of her ass as she can on network television.

$har: More than ass.

discoamz: The outfit was Armani. Did you see the drawing?

$har: I liked the drawing.

discoamz: Me too.

$har: I thought it was going to have sparkles, at the very least.

discoamz: You’re right — maybe that’s what got me down. The lack of sparkles.

discoamz: I probably would have been more intrigued if she did a full-on bullfighter-themed look to go with the song, and made one of her dancers play the bull with horns and a ring through his nose.

$har: Definitely! that would’ve been better. Total misuse of the male dancers.

discoamz: We’ve seen them writhe around in spandex bottoms before.

$har: And masks.

discoamz: YES, masks. But I will say this of Gaga’s look.

discoamz: I felt it had that “I just walked through a burning car wreck” aesthetic, which is how I felt after watching the spring Rodarte show.

$har: I didn’t have that kind of feeling.

$har: I felt more guilty because of my disinterest after three minutes.

$har: And I NEVER turn off Gaga.

discoamz: Yes, I felt guilty too. I turned it off at around four minutes.

discoamz: Maybe we’re getting tired of seeing Gaga try so hard.

$har: SHE looks tired from trying so hard — don’t you think?

discoamz: I get stressed out by her outfits sometimes.

$har: Why?

discoamz: Because it is SO MUCH WORK. It’s hard enough for me to pick out a T-shirt and jeans in the morning sometimes. What kind of torment does she endure?

$har: But for her, it’s like “there’s no turning back.”

$har: She can’t out-Gaga herself.

$har: And she can’t de-Gaga.

$har: She’s trapped in her own Gaga.

discoamz: Yes, this is true.

$har: And maybe last night, we saw the results of that. And the danger is that people … tune out.

discoamz: Yeah. We’re TOO used to her crazy now.

discoamz: It’s hard to care a whole lot when Madonna wears an eye patch these days. And it’s hard to care a whole lot when Gaga pastes a net to her face.

$har: You’re so desensitized.

discoamz: Not necessarily.

discoamz: Well maybe.

discoamz: But what else can she do with herself?

$har: Put clothes on?

discoamz: She’s done that.

discoamz: If she shaved her head I’d be shocked.

$har: I don’t think I would be.

$har: She really has no limits.

discoamz: Interesting.

discoamz: What would shock you then?

$har: Hmm …

$har: No makeup.

$har: Remember she got really upset when a photo leaked of her with no makeup?

$har: Even if she shaved her head, she would still wear the makeup.

$har: But the clean look — she’s not down.

discoamz: Yes, Gaga: no makeup, unretouched would be a great GET for, like, Cosmo.

discoamz: Or what if she became a bodybuilder?

$har: That would be fascinating.

discoamz: And ran around with Muscle Milk and towels all the time?

discoamz: And ate publicly.

discoamz: OR

discoamz: She could just become the plus-size pop star.

discoamz: Fashion loves plus-size these days (or so they say).

discoamz: And she could, like, eat ice-cream cones as part of her act.

$har: That sounds kinda raunchy.

discoamz: Well, look at her past work.

discoamz: Or she could just become completely boring.

$har: now that would be ironic.

Something About Lady Gaga’s American Idol Look Underwhelmed