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The Last Episode of Tyra Banks’s Talk Show Airs Today

The final episode of Tyra Banks’s talk show airs today, when many will find themselves with a half-day off they will probably use to drive to a beach or go drink at a bar away from any TV airing the show. But it’s okay, because Tyra is just using this episode to sit next to her two Emmys and look back at the series’ best moments. So all you’re missing is a clip show of old stuff, with snippets such as these:

“I was so nervous, sick to my stomach and my hands were shaking,” Banks tells PEOPLE of her interview with then-Senator Barack Obama. “I asked him to look into the crystal ball and said, ‘What do you see in your future, Senator?’ And without hesitation he replied, ‘The White House.’ That clip ran on CNN and every national morning show. I’ll never forget being a part of political history.”

Though she now finds herself with less of a platform to shape the very fabric of our nation, losing the show, which was pretty campy, fits in with her high-fashion evolution. But it was a terrific outlet for all the silly things she can’t easily write into America’s Next Top Model. Like the time she went out into the world wearing a fat suit, or the time she went out dressed as a homeless person, and momentarily knew firsthand the shame she — thank goodness — doesn’t have to feel every day. We really enjoyed those moments, because they were rare times Tyra experienced shame. She’s portrayed a Smize superhero on ANTM and is writing a trilogy of the model version of Harry Potter, but somehow only things like the fat suit brought out the shame.

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The Last Episode of Tyra Banks’s Talk Show Airs Today