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Tyra Banks to Pen Fantasy Model Trilogy

Tyra Banks has turned modeling as a theme into a reality show, a talk show, and an online magazine. It’s pretty amazing, actually, because it’s modeling. Martha Stewart may do entire shows on gardening and papier-mâché but at least people who want to do that can do that (outside of New York, where people have plots of soil and elbow room). Now Tyra has parlayed modeling into a book trilogy called Modelland. We knew she had a way with words when she launched her online magazine and called it a “magaline.”

Delacorte Press is publishing this series, in which Tyra coins the term “Intoxibellas” to describe models like herself. From the press release:

Drawing from an area of expertise she is avidly passionate about, Tyra’s MODELLAND is the story of a teen girl in a make-believe society who finds herself competing for a way of life that’s both hotly desired and woefully out of reach at an academy for Intoxibellas, the most exceptional models known to humankind. As the plot unfolds, readers will uncover lessons that are buried beneath the surface of this magical world. The premise of the 3-part fantasy series is deeply rooted in Tyra’s core mission of expanding the definitions of beauty. In MODELLAND, Tyra’s innate ability to connect with women on issues ranging from relationships to body image finds a natural extension to the page.

So by our calculations, if you just subtract some of those Intoxibellas you’ll have the written version of America’s Next Top Model.

Tyra Banks to Pen Fantasy Model Trilogy