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What’s Left at the Takashimaya Sale

Takashimaya’s final sale finally kicked off yesterday, offering 40 percent off storewide. We swung by the venerable Japanese department store last night around closing time to survey the damage. After one day, the remaining merchandise was surprisingly stark, especially considering the discount is expected to drop up to 70 percent mid-month, according to clerks. When we arrived, the scene was a gleeful free-for-all, as women stockpiled cosmetics on the first floor and suit-clad men mulled over the glassware on the fourth. Leather handbags are sparse, the beauty selection is close to cleaned out, and much of the dining-room furniture is already sold. All the available merchandise is out on the floor, so the stock won’t be replenished. The store clerks seemed a bit shell-shocked, stretching and groaning about how they were “ex-hausted.” (Can’t say we blame them; we were exhausted after pawing through half-empty racks for an hour.) Here’s a sampling of some of the remaining stock. (The 40 percent discount is taken at the register, so the actual prices will include tax and vary slightly from the ones shown here).

• Atticus silver bar tool set, $66 (originally $110)

• Martini glasses, $48 apiece (originally $80); wine glasses and Champagne flutes, $84 to $87 (originally $140 to $145)

• Dishware: Ceramic and glass bowls, $81 (originally $135); full-size plates, $87 (originally $145); glazed teacups, $46 to $90 apiece (originally $115 to $150); Christiane Perrochon ceramic mugs, $135 (originally $225)

• Five-piece silverware sets, $159 to $237 (originally $265 to $395); Alexandre Turpault linen napkins, $15.60 (originally $26)

• Babor Calming Repair Cream (a few boxes left!), $75 (originally $125)

• Mistral perfumes, $45 (originally $75); Keiko Mecheri perfumes, $69 (originally $115)

• Noque nail polish, $4.80 (originally $8), plus various testers

• Sabonete Aromatico soaps, $7.20 each (originally $12)

• Distressed painted wood frames (four or five left), $93 to $120 (originally $155 to $200)

• Jarbo pima cotton tanks, $57 (originally $95)

• Leonello Borghi travel bag, $630 (originally $1050); Paul Smith leather wallets, $165 to $230 (originally $275 to $385)

• Nitin Goyal cashmere scarves, $117 (originally $195)

• Bridge upholstered beech wood armchairs, 1940s France, $318 each (originally $795); Wrought iron chairs, 1920s France (set of four), $2,700 (originally $4,500)

What’s Left at the Takashimaya Sale