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Alex Kuczynski Thinks Fat People Look Like Giant Babies

The Times’ Alex Kuczynski has been dressing her infant in faux-denim Huggies: “They’re perfect for summer. I can dump him in the sandbox in a T-shirt and his faux-denim diapers and he looks as if he’s properly dressed.” She goes on to challenge ABC’s refusal to air the Huggies ads due to their tagline, “The coolest you’ll ever look pooping in your pants,” calling the network hypocritical because the word “douchebag” was used on NYPD Blue. “Compared to that, what’s wrong with a little poop?” the mother queries.

But now that we’ve all had a good laugh, Kuczynski addresses a more serious diaper-related matter: the dark side of dressing one’s toddler in adult-inspired clothing, which contains sinister allusions to obesity and unemployment, apparently.

The line between adulthood and infancy continues to blur, perhaps because of our national rates of obesity. People swollen with fat look like giant babies, the lines and wrinkles pressed from their faces. Or, perhaps it’s the recession, which has uprooted millions of Americans from their jobs, leaving men and women in their 30s and 40s unemployed for years at a stretch. They may want to look at infants as young, capable adults, full of the promise and ambition they will never be allowed to exercise.

And don’t even get her started on those Three Dots T-shirts with extra-long sleeves! There’s nothing like the puddling of excess fabric around our wrists to catapult us back to infantile helplessness.

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Alex Kuczynski Thinks Fat People Look Like Giant Babies