Celebrity Fragrance War: Jennifer Lopez Versus Halle Berry

Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry are both launching new fragrances, which has caused WWD to pit them against each other in a celebrity fragrance war. (They even made a handy chart of their warring celebrity-fragrance lives.) Lopez is a celebrity-fragrance pioneer, having launched her first scent in 2002 and sold more than $1 billion worth of perfumes over sixteen perfume launches. Her new scent, Love and Glamour, could fetch $150 million this year, which may explain how she finances her real career as an entertainer. Halle Berry, meanwhile, excuses her new fragrance, Reveal — her third perfume launch — because she’s just had a child.

Berry told WWD:

“[Motherhood] challenges me and makes me question myself and who I really am all the time. So for this [fragrance and campaign] to come along at this time in life just seemed kind of like it goes together.”

It’s like when you’re standing on the street eating an apple and a car drives by. Of course the car drove by because you ate the apple.

But the most important thing about anything a celebrity sells are the ad campaigns. House of Deréon would be nothing without Beyoncé flying through the air over desert landscapes, after all. Halle has surprisingly almost entirely taken herself out of the equation by shadowing her face, while Jennifer Lopez has Photoshopped herself back to 16 years of age. But who do you want to smell like?

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Celebrity Fragrance War: Jennifer Lopez Versus Halle Berry