Elie and Rory Tahari Separated

Rory and Elie Tahari met at the designer’s 46th-birthday party in 1998, when she was 27. After twelve years and two children, the couple, who have been working together on the Tahari business for eleven years, have legally separated. The Times published a sweet “Vows” story on their relationship when they married in 2000:

[T]hey fell in love quickly and dramatically. In fact, Mr. Tahari said he was so happy, he stopped taking medication for his diabetes. ”I was like: ‘I’m cured! I’m in love!’ ” he said. As a result, he soon ended up in the hospital, in need of a transfusion. And Ms. Green, whose blood type is compatible with his, gave hers. She said: ”For the first month after the transfusion, he kept saying: ‘This is so weird. It’s like you’re inside me.’ ”

Rory says they remain “connected forever” by their children. But not their stellar assets in real estate: Months ago they sold their Mercer Street apartment for $3.2 million and listed their Prince Street triplex for $22 million.

Rory & Elie Tahari split [Page Six/NYP]

Elie and Rory Tahari Separated