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Fondling Receipts Could Make Men Fat and Impotent

The manly man’s aversion to shopping might not just be an attempt at ego preservation in front of his fellow bros. Perhaps it’s an evolutionary adaptation to preserve a member of the brotherhood’s manhood. Apparently the substance Bisphenol A (BPA), which makes ink show up on some receipts, could emasculate a male handler.

Professor Frank Sommer, 42, a Berlin-based urologist, said that the substance could just tip the balance.

“A substance like that could shift the balance of the sex hormones in men towards oestrogen,” he said.

“In the long term this leads to less sexual drive, encourages the belly instead of the muscles to grow and has a bad effect on erection and potency.”

Canada and three states in this country have already banned BPA, while the FDA has voiced its concern about BPA’s effect on children. Yet no official organization has voiced its concern on how these findings might affect the stylish significant others of shopping-averse men.

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Fondling Receipts Could Make Men Fat and Impotent