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Giorgio Armani Weighs In on Model Tom Nicon’s Death

On Friday, in an apparent suicide, 22-year-old model Tom Nicon fell to his death from his apartment in Milan, where he was preparing for Milan Men’s Fashion Week. That morning Nicon, who was reportedly depressed after breaking up with his girlfriend, had attended a rehearsal with Donatella Versace, who told the Guardian he seemed quieter than usual. “Who knows if that was a signal that I, as a woman and a mother, could have acted on?” she wondered. Giorgio Armani, meanwhile, linked Nicon’s tragic death to fashion:

“This world is too closely linked to youth and makes it seem like life ends at 22,” he said after hearing of Nicon’s allegedly tangled romantic life.

“We need to make the young understand life is beautiful from 23 onwards as well,” he said. “There will always be disappointments, including in love, but they must be faced up to without tragedy.”

A 21-year-old model named Tom noted in an Italian newspaper, “All kinds of people take their own lives. But if it happens to one of us it gets more attention.”

Tom Nicon’s fatal fall poses more questions about fashion and its victims [Guardian UK]

Giorgio Armani Weighs In on Model Tom Nicon’s Death