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25 Greatest Finds at Two New Greenpoint Boutiques

With spots like Old Hollywood, Kill Devil Hill, Dalaga, and Alter dotting its streets, Greenpoint has been one of the city’s most affordable shopping neighborhoods for a while now. Adding further incentive to board the G train, Franklin Street has been graced with two new boutiques in the past month: Julia James and Petit Boudoir.

Julia James is the pet project of Julia Young, a former marine biologist who moved from Hawaii to Brooklyn to launch her boutique (commitment, people). The spot is partially named after her brother, James; her mom, Cari, helped deck out the homey space. Swing by for racks of pretty floral prints, pastels, and restrained ruffles.

Across the street, Petit Boudoir is a true vintage-collector’s haunt, filled with sixties- and seventies-era pieces from Marc Jacobs and Jil Sander at non-splurge prices. It’s owned by newlyweds Michael and Marietta Hewitt and friend Sheri Rose Wenden, who moved from Paris last week toting a suitcase full of finds.

Click ahead for some of our favorite items in stock at both newcomers.

Julia James, 200 Franklin St., nr. India St.; 347-763-0065
Petit Boudoir, 135 Franklin St., nr. Java St.; 718-383-3424

25 Greatest Finds at Two New Greenpoint Boutiques