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Rachel Zoe Will Have a Fashion Line — and Then a Child, If Her Schedule Allows

Rachel Zoe just officially announced she will launch a clothing line, with designs to turn it into a full lifestyle brand. Her lawyers unofficially made this known over a year ago when they informed a then-struggling T-shirt artist that he couldn’t use her catchphrases “I DIE” and “BANANAS” on his shirts, because they were trademarked and could figure into the name of Zoe’s clothing line. Though she hasn’t announced the name of the line, I DIE wouldn’t be a bad one. Just think: “What a great faux-fur muumuu you have on — who is that by?” “I Die.” “Are you okay?” “Duh, I am! I said, I Die.” [Slowly backs away] You’ll sound totally crazy telling people that’s what you’re wearing, which is so batty-old-lady now.

The line will come out for the fall 2011 season, and Zoe is currently looking for a design team. She said she plans to personally wear the clothes from this new line, which is a completely different venture from her QVC line. She’ll begin with accessories, shoes, and apparel, including fur vests, and maybe home items in the future, if her world domination continues going according to plan.

Zoe, who says she would never call herself a celebrity, told WWD the fashion world didn’t exactly take to her right away:

“One time at a fashion show, an editor said to me, ‘Did you just come out of, like, thin air? You just appeared and now all I do is see your name and hear this and that, you’re sitting in the front row next to me at all these shows and dadadadada.’ I said, ‘I’ve been working my ass off for 15 years,’” said Zoe, who went freelance at age 25 and has since become part of the trend of celebrity stylist-turned-celebrity-turned-designer.

Editors can’t be that jealous anymore — getting on reality TV for them these days is about as easy as showing up to work. But there’s one thing Zoe doesn’t have: a baby. According to WWD, “[s]he’d like to have at least one child, if she can find the time.”

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Rachel Zoe Will Have a Fashion Line — and Then a Child, If Her Schedule Allows