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Resort Shows Interfere With Robbie Myers’s Schedule

In the past few years, resort collections have blossomed into one of the biggest-selling seasons in fashion, but the scheduling of shows has yet to take on the cohesiveness of spring or fall Fashion Week. This year, it’s gotten so unwieldy that it’s interfering with Elle editor Robbie Myers’s busy summer calendar. “The thing that’s torture about it is that it’s become a full-fledged show season, but it’s spread out over almost three weeks. So it’s impossible to schedule and get your work done and all that,” she said at the Jason Wu show Friday. “I’m not going to complain about it,” she added quickly, “but the fact is that in the last three years, this season has bloomed into seated shows and a different kind of calendar. And if you’re in the fashion-magazine business, this month is when you’re closing the biggest issue of the year.”

Wu confirmed that resortwear has indeed become a principal season. “This is the biggest resort collection I’ve ever done,” he said. His show, which featured bateau stripes, a pressed-daffodil silk print, and jabot dresses topped with polka-dotted ascots and boater hats, displayed only a third of his designs. “It’s a full collection, and it’s become one of our biggest seasons, and it’s really important.”

Unlike Myers, fashion writer Derek Blasberg said he enjoys the more laid-back, drawn-out nature of resort shows. “It’s polite and pleasant and not as manic and hectic as the normal Fashion Weeks. I’m not complaining about it. Don’t mess it up for me!” he said. “Things are a little more spaced out and there’s not a bunch of parties at night. Fashion Week’s hectic, man. Let’s keep resort a little more pleasant. Easy-breezy. That’s what resort’s all about anyway, right?”

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Resort Shows Interfere With Robbie Myers’s Schedule