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Revealed in Remarkable Detail: American Apparel’s Beauty Guidelines

Last week, details of American Apparel’s strict employee dress code and casting process leaked. Photos of prospective employees were to be taken and carefully scrutinized; forsaken was he or she who wore Uggs or dirty white Keds to work! Today, Gawker posted two memos from management to store managers detailing very specific grooming requirements for employees. In sum: The cast of Jersey Shore need not apply. A bit of the lady guidelines:

a) Makeup is to be kept to a minimal- please take this very seriously. Liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner and eyeshadow are advised against; mascara must look very natural (ie. should not be clumpy or a color that does not compliment your skin and haircolor). Blush must not be overdone- should not have glitter or sparkles. Liquid foundation is prohibited (undereye concealer is understandable if it looks natural- ie. not clumpy or caked on, must match your skin tone). Please do not use a shiny gloss on your lips; any lipcolor must be subtle.
b) Eyebrows must not be overplucked. Full eyebrows are very much encouraged. Please do not dye your eyebrows a different color.
c) We encourage long, healthy, natural hair, so please be advised of the following:
-Hair must be kept your natural color.
-Blow-drying hair excessively could cause heat damage, so this is advised against.
-“Bangs” or “fringe” are advised against. It is not part of the direction we’re moving in.

And guidelines for dudes:

a) Hair should look natural. Excessive product to the extent of creating stiffness and an unnatural or greasy appearance to your hair is advised against.
b) Eyebrows should be natural. Please do not dye your eyebrows a different color or overpluck them.
c) Males should not wear makeup.
d) Facial hair needs to be kept clean and well groomed. Any mustache or goatee of a contemporary style are advised against.
e) No gauges allowed whatsoever.

Well, if an AA employee does get fired for a beauty “violation,” Opening Ceremony is right down the street.

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Revealed in Remarkable Detail: American Apparel’s Beauty Guidelines