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See the Top Three-Quarters of Coco Rocha’s Wedding Dress

Coco Rocha got married almost a whole week ago to interior designer James Conran in France — and a photo of her dress just emerged! Well, most of her dress! Coco’s friend and fellow model Behati Prinsloo spoke to Modelinia about her friend’s custom Zac Posen gown:

“It was tight over her body all the way to her knees, then it had this extreme mermaid tail at the bottom. The straps were off the shoulder, and the material looked vintage — it’s sort of hard to explain, you have to see it,” she said.

Sadly, the most interesting, most mermaid-y part of the dress is cloaked in secrecy. Behati added that only 50 people got to watch the tail in action at the ceremony, which took place in the same castle in France where Conran proposed. Behati said when she walked into the room where Coco was getting ready, “I started crying and I kept crying throughout the whole thing.” And so a model dressed as a mermaid was married in a castle to the man she loves with the world’s most beautiful people crying for her. And she’s only 21. Hmph. You know, our apartment fits a full-size bed!!

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See the Top Three-Quarters of Coco Rocha’s Wedding Dress