scandale! ‘Reviewing’ Derek Blasberg

Jezebel received a tip this week that ubiquitous party reporter Derek Blasberg asked Yves St. Laurent for $2,500 to cover a perfume-launch party for A spokeswoman at last issued the following statement:

We are reviewing this matter (referring to Derek Blasberg) internally. For the record, it is not our policy to assign writers to cover events if they are receiving any other financial remuneration in connection with that event and we have no further comment on the subject.

Blasberg has admitted to consulting for YSL on the party in question. He also told Jezebel, “I had a conversation with a senior member of YSL Beauty’s corporate office about social networking and building a buzz for the event.” A spokeswoman at the event told The Wall Street Journal that Blasberg “helped start the ‘Twitter Party,’ so to speak.” Blasberg also said he consulted for YSL on a guest list for the event. So even if Blasberg did not get paid by YSL for his coverage of the party that appeared on, it sounds like he got paid for working on the party, which would be in violation of’s policy. How this might affect his career is hard to say. His editor-at-large title at could be in jeopardy, but he writes for numerous other publications, like Harper’s Bazaar and V, too. Yet the world of fashion journalism — where keeping advertisers happy is paramount — doesn’t exactly have a sterling reputation for objective, unbiased coverage. It’s hard to imagine that’s taking action against Derek Blasberg would set a huge precedent for industry-wide journalistic reform.

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