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Tavi Is Guest-Blogging for Jezebel

Tavi Gevinson — the world’s hottest four foot eleven 14-year-old style blogger — just landed herself another little freelance gig! She’s guest-blogging on Jezebel this week about “feminism, and fashion, issues facing adolescents, and Daria,” Jenna Sauers writes. Tavi spoke to Jezebel on the phone today:

“There are some things that I want to write about on my blog, but, you know, it’s a fashion blog and I’m comfortable with it being primarily fashion,” she said, after putting Miuccia on hold. “So it will be nice to be able to talk about things that aren’t fashion-related.”

“I think it’ll also be nice to have a younger voice at the site. Wait, that sounds like you guys are like, oh-my-gawd, so OLD, it’s not like that — but it’s just that, I mean, everyone’s always talking about ‘THE YOUTH’ and ‘THE CHILDREN’ and stuff.”

Right. This is fashion, after all.

Tavi Gevinson Is Our New Guest Blogger [Jezebel]

Tavi Is Guest-Blogging for Jezebel