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Theyskens for Theory Will Be ‘Much Higher Priced’ Than Regular Theory

Fashion isn’t supposed to make sense. Theory’s Andrew Rosen and Olivier Theyskens are aware that their collaboration won’t, at least at first. “I think everyone was surprised,” Rosen told WWD of the deal signed only two weeks ago. Though Rosen has a history of investing in young designers like rag & bone and Alice + Olivia, the industry hardly expected Theyskens, who is known for his fantastical evening gowns and insane shoes, to design for a label intended for the chic everywoman who works in an office. Yet there is sense to be made of all this.

Theirs is a romantic story, really:

Rosen said he agreed to meet Theyskens for lunch several months ago after hearing the designer was looking to branch into the contemporary segment. Afterward, the two strolled over to Theory’s flagship on Gansevoort Street in New York, where they realized they had at least one thing in common: The three little letters at the front of their respective brand names.

A bond so pure, and over a single word: the. It also makes sense that Theyskens for Theory, which will debut in September along with the spring 2011 collections at New York Fashion Week, will cost more than regular Theory.

“It’s not like selling Olivier Theyskens, the label, at a cheaper price. It really is allowing Olivier Theyskens to design. This is the only Olivier Theyskens collection that is going to be available,” he said. “It has to come from Olivier’s inspiration and from his soul. It has to be authentic, so I think some of it will be much higher priced — even than what we’re doing.”

So that romantic little story about them going to lunch and taking a nice walk through the meatpacking district may have ended with some grinning and palm rubbing. But people get into relationships for money and beauty all the time. So, bad for us, but good for them!

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Theyskens for Theory Will Be ‘Much Higher Priced’ Than Regular Theory