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Thom Browne Thinks Men Should Be More Like Women in Their Dressing Habits

It makes perfect sense for Thom Browne to launch womenswear. He’s been encouraging men to be more like women, sartorially, for ages. Starting with the shrunken suit. While women with fabulous, gym-honed figures or surgically enhanced bosoms are happy to prance around in their Hervé Léger, Browne notes in WSJ. Magazine:

Most men wear clothes that are too big. There’s an irony in the fact that American men spend a lot of time taking care of their bodies. Many of them like to be in good shape. Wouldn’t they want to show off what they have achieved — even a little bit?

First they’ll have to learn that just because their jeans can’t fit the contents of a sack of potatoes in addition to their legs, that doesn’t mean they’re “tight.”

And we have to thank Browne for this:

Sometimes it’s embarrassing when you see couples out and the girl has clearly taken so much time over her appearance and the guy just looks bad. And the girls don’t seem to mind! Men get lazy. It’s important for a guy to figure out what works for him and then stick with it. Most men can’t steer themselves when it comes to style. They need a female to guide them. That’s a fact.

He is right. That situation is embarrassing for all involved. We wouldn’t go out with a guy who looks like crap, unless that’s his “look” and he has sexy enough pecs, tight enough T-shirts, and enough scruff to pull it off. And there are probably only a handful of famous dudes who fit that description, whose names we could probably think of if we weren’t so excited that today is Friday.

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Thom Browne Thinks Men Should Be More Like Women in Their Dressing Habits