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Vogue Threatened to Sue a Canadian Fashion Show

This year’s Fashion’s Night Out is supposed to be bigger than ever before! Well, bigger than last year’s, which was the first Fashion’s Night Out in history. This year, the event is supposed to spread all over the world, becoming a global Fashion’s Week Out, like the Avatar of shopping and being fabulous while shopping (or just being drunk and taking advantage of the free booze without shopping). And Vogue’s lawyers will not have their Fashion’s Night Out trademark tarnished: They threatened to sue a fashion show in Victoria, Canada, for trademark infringement. Victoria Fashion’s Night Out, which took place last night, was like a little Fashion Week where Victorian businesses showed their latest collections. Organizers had to scramble to change the name the day before the event after getting a letter from Vogue’s legal team.

It read:

“Our client did not consent to use of its Fashion’s Night Out trademark by your organization or its members and is extremely concerned by this unauthorized use of its intellectual property.”

The things that get trademarked. Bananas. I Die. What’s next? “Dear Everyone: Vogue is extremely concerned by your fondness and repetitive use of the word FABULOUS™.” We kid, but too bad for those Canadians who had a giant headache out of this. The name changed to Victoria’s Fashion Night, but maybe they should just officially join Anna Wintour in her worldwide crusade to get everyone on the planet to spend money on clothes in the same week.

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Vogue Threatened to Sue a Canadian Fashion Show