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Vogue’s Tom Florio Expected to Go Into Entertainment

Yesterday, news broke that Vogue publisher Tom Florio would leave Condé Nast after 25 years at the company. Sources tell WWD things have been rocky for Florio over there for a while, and that he almost left late last year. It sounds like Florio, who said he wanted to run his own company, will get out of publishing. An announcement about his new venture in entertainment is expected, but he won’t say what it will be, exactly:

“I’m just in a position to do something else,” he told WWD, coyly adding, “It could be in TV; it could be on many platforms. It also could be that I will be working closely with Condé Nast. We’ll see.”

Florio reportedly met with IMG prior to submitting his resignation. His achievements at Condé Nast include producing Vogue’s biggest issue ever, which became the subject of the September Issue documentary, and launching Florio, whose Condé portfolio was recently expanded to include Bon Appétit and Condé Nast Traveler in addition to Vogue and Teen Vogue, also just brought Carol Smith over to Condé Nast from Elle to work on food titles. After being competitors for so long, the two were said to get along “like a couple bantering” — which sounds like the beginnings of a good/bad Jennifer Aniston movie.

Florio is not expected to be replaced. One insider said of his position, “I would be shocked if they filled it.”

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Vogue’s Tom Florio Expected to Go Into Entertainment