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Are ‘Skinny’ and ‘Super Skinny’ Jeans Appropriate for Kids?

Something feels off about making skinny jeans for and marketing them to grade-school-age girls, but maybe that’s just because it hasn’t been a big thing in the kids’ denim market until now. Walk by a GapKids and you may see ads for their girls’ skinny jeans in the windows. On the GapKids main shopping page online, the girls’ skinny style receives top promotional billing, just as it does on Old Navy’s site.

However, blogger Mom Finds feels unsettled by the girls’ skinny jeans sold at Old Navy, especially the pair that has the phrase “Super Skinny” embroidered into the waistband.

I get that super skinny references the style of the jeans, but you can’t help but wonder what little girls will think every time they slip these jeans on.

Now don’t get me wrong-I love skinny jeans, especially on little girls because they can pull them off. But should we be calling them something else for impressionable young girls who already have enough pressure to be thin?

We grew up on patterned biker shorts with lace trim and other sorts of leggings a modern person with taste would probably sneeze at, so stylistically, the skinny jeans seem like a fine option for youngsters to us. And “skinny jeans” seems to have become more synonymous with a certain style of pant than a body type (anyone can wear them, after all), but these being kids’ pants, does Mom Finds have a point? Is the labeling inappropriate for children?

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Are ‘Skinny’ and ‘Super Skinny’ Jeans Appropriate for Kids?