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Christy Turlington: ‘There’s Nothing Rewarding About Modeling’

Supermodel Christy Turlington’s career has spanned from her teens decades ago to her 40s now. She just made a documentary called No Woman No Cry to advocate for maternal health in developing countries, which is why she recently spoke to the Telegraph. But the paper is hung up on how Turlington seems “bored of being beautiful.” However, Turlington never seemed that thrilled by it anyway. Some of our favorite quotes from her:

On whether she considered her looks a curse:

“I used to think so, but I don’t any more. When I was 18, and my looks were what I was - and all that I was - it did feel very limiting. It got to the point where I wondered what I was doing. But modelling gave me the kind of confidence that a lot of girls in their teenage years don’t have. In the end, I think that the industry saved me from having to be self-conscious.”

On charity work versus modeling:

“[T]here’s nothing rewarding about modelling. It was a fun opportunity that allowed me to see the world but spiritually and intellectually there is nothing rewarding about the profession at all.”

On supermodels:

“We were this oddity that occurred in pop culture at that time. But I don’t think we created anything; I think we just happened to be there at that moment… Maybe there haven’t been that many at any one time again, but just think of Gisele [Bündchen] and Daria [Werbowy]. And look at Kate: I met her when I was 18. Her father worked for Pan Am and so did mine, so we had that in common. She was always funnier than everyone else, and savvy. What has kept her going all this time is the fact that nothing takes her over; it’s she who takes over.”

On being a supermodel:

“Maybe our body types were more feminine, but I often felt that we were too glamorous. Because I’m not very glamorous it didn’t feel true to me. I relate far more to the fashion of today than the Chanel miniskirts and Versace jackets of that time. Plus, having to wear all that make-up — what a waste! Cindy was much more that kind of persona; I don’t think the ‘sexy girl’ thing is my image at all — I get more attention from females.”

On doing runway shows:

“Actually, I hated that part more than anything. I just remember thinking: ‘How fast can I get to the end and back again?’”

On photo shoots:

“I remember doing a shoot for Herb Ritts, hanging off the Eiffel Tower — that wasn’t your usual day at the office. It was terrifying and in the end you couldn’t really tell how high I was because the photographer was scared of heights so he was quite far away from me. It only happened rarely, but sometimes you did feel that you were contributing to a piece of art … The make-up, lighting and photographer turn you into a different person: I could never prefer that person, because that would be dangerous.”

Christy Turlington: ‘Above all, I hated the catwalk’ [Telegraph UK]

Christy Turlington: ‘There’s Nothing Rewarding About Modeling’