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Courtney Love Is Personal-Style Blogging to Counteract All the Bad Pictures of Her on the Internet

Courtney Love recently launched her own personal-style blog, What Courtney Wore Today, in which, in the vein of Sea of Shoes or Fashion Toast, she chronicles what she wears every day. The blog is not authored entirely by Love; she sends pictures of her clothes to her co-bloggers, who go by L, T, and X, and they blog for her. (She knows who T and L are, but not who X is — she calls this a “social experiment.”) Love told WWD she wanted to start the blog as a kind of campaign against all the bad pictures of her that pop up in a Courtney Love Google Image search.

“With the Internet, I think the crap rises to the top,” Love says, peeved that while searching for a picture of herself “with some good hair she had done at Bergdorf’s” that most of what she found was just really bad. “There were, like, nine pages on Google that were f—–g me at my worst, and it took me until page 12 — well, page nine had an Avedon one — to find a decent one.”

Love particularly dislikes the first picture that comes up of her, in which her lips are chapped, or as she sees it, “It looked like I had a herpes breakout or something.” More amazing quotes from this spectacular woman on her style history follow.

On burning Marc Jacobs:

“Marc sent me and Kurt [Cobain] his Perry Ellis grunge collection. Do you know what we did with it?” she asks, enunciating what came next. “We burned it. We were punkers — we didn’t like that kind of thing.”

On her first interaction with couture — a floral, Empire-waist dress John Galliano gave her:

“I went to whack it with scissors because it would be more useful that way. And this is 1997 couture crepe Galliano. Somebody said to me, ‘You aren’t whacking s–t and this is why,’ and explained to me what couture was, because I had no clue what couture was, or resort, and I didn’t know what A/W meant. I didn’t know any of that stuff in the Nineties, but I knew what a peplum was and the difference between silk crepe between the 1940s and today.”

On the faux-Chanel couture dress she wore to Paris Hilton’s birthday party in 2007:

“It was a scandal, the Chanel police were after me. But want to know what Karl did? He flew me to Paris, basically forgave me, had me pose for Harper’s [Bazaar] naked and covered in pearls and said to them, ‘The poor thing doesn’t know what couture is.’ This is L.A., I didn’t know!”

On Birkin bags:

“I got my first Birkin at age 45. It’s kind of tragic when you think about it. Next Birkin I’ll go to Paris and order it myself. It’s sort of like diamonds, though. Do you buy it yourself or do you let someone buy it for you? Having a Birkin even makes you read every part of the Emily Post etiquette book.”

On how Lady Amanda Harlech convinced her to ditch her kooky look:

“She said, ‘What are you doing in a tutu?’ and I was like, ‘Um, I have a record coming out.’ And I got this talking-to from the Kaiser and Amanda, and they were like, ‘You’re 45, what are you doing?’ And they were right. So I went and had Sally Hershberger cut all my extensions out.”

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Courtney Love Is Personal-Style Blogging to Counteract All the Bad Pictures of Her on the Internet