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Does the World Have a Bra Problem?

Helen Reddy recently did an interview with BlogTalkRadio from her home in Sydney. She went on a little rant about whores, Madonna, and the horrors of shopping for bras:

“I was in London earlier this year, and I had to get some new bras — because [mine] were falling off me,” Reddy, 68, tells host Janet Powers. At a department store, “I go into the women’s lingerie department, and they’ve got pasties — you know, like strippers wear,” Reddy says.

“They’ve got all these little fancy things, which all have wires — which I believe cause breast cancer – but nothing that’s for women who are older, or who are heavier, or who would like to dress like a lady.

“So I finally said to the salesgirl, ‘Do you have any underwear that isn’t slutty?’ — and she pointed me to the sports department!”

… “When I was a girl, we used to complain we were divided into two groups: We were either virgins or we were whores,” she says. “And then along came Madonna — and now we’re all whores.

“It is horrifying to me to see these little girls, you know, dressed as sexpots, trying to imitate the latest video they’ve seen.”

Could it be? Does the world have a serious bra problem that makes it almost impossible to find normal, comfortable bras in all sizes? What is a normal bra, anyway? Bras designed specifically for big breasts quite often come out just looking like harnesses, so the plus-size bra industry is trying to remedy that by making big bras look more like these other bras that Reddy finds so whore-ish. So whose fault is it that this is what people want? The biggest parade of bizarre, trampy lingerie independent of Lady Gaga, in modern times, is probably the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The store can’t be singularly blamed for the age of the slut that befell fashion two years ago, but the items in there have become increasingly ridiculous. Shopping for a bra in Victoria’s Secret becomes a tedious cup-squeezing exercise in attempt to find just one with plain foam rounds that aren’t buffered by entire Capri Sun packets. But plenty of labels like DKNY make plainer styles. What do you think? Is it impossible to find a good bra that does the job and nothing more?

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Does the World Have a Bra Problem?