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Is Miranda Kerr Trying to Go Into Pregnancy Hiding?

A few more details have emerged about Miranda Kerr’s wedding to Orlando Bloom. Apparently it took place in this fair country of ours, and Kerr reportedly had four vintage Collette Dinnigan gowns flown in from Sydney for the ceremony. The couple was also recently photographed in the airport returning from their Caribbean honeymoon. Fashionologie notes:

The fact that Kerr seems to already be back from her honeymoon — and yet canceled an appearance for David Jones next week, blaming the wedding and honeymoon — is doing nothing to diminish the rumors that she is three months pregnant.

Good points, and she did wear a flowy maxi dress in the airport, but who hasn’t called in to get out of work before? And if she can get away with calling in “wedding” or “pregnant” (if she is) or “honeymoon-with-movie-star-husband” or something else glamorous, why not? Beats just calling in sick like a normal person.

Further Details on Miranda Kerr’s Wedding Emerge [Fashionologie]

Is Miranda Kerr Trying to Go Into Pregnancy Hiding?