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Katy Perry Announces Fragrance; M.A.C Plans Wonder Woman Collection

• Jennifer Aniston on why she kept her debut fragrance light: “I can’t bear it when people wear overpowering perfume … like you get in an elevator with someone and just know they really mis-gauged it. Men are the worst for it too! I did have a trainer who wore an extremely strong cologne that he thought would mask the — let’s call it the ‘aroma’ — of his workout as he went from class to class, but it just made it worse.” [British Vogue]

• Katy Perry is the latest star to jump on the celeb-perfume bandwagon. The singer’s signature scent, Purr, was inspired by a Catwoman jumpsuit, and contains notes of peach nectar, apple, bamboo, jasmine blossom, and sandalwood. Purr will be available exclusively at Nordstrom in November. [InStyle]

• M.A.C Cosmetics is following up its Disney-villains collection with another cartoon collab. This time, the makeup company is rolling out cosmetics inspired by Wonder Woman. [WWD]

• This weekend, Brooklyn shop Spacecraft is hosting a class on how to make your own eyeshadow. [Nylon]

• Alexa Chung painted her nails white and embellished them with tiny red hearts for Mulberry’s pool party last night. [British InStyle]

• Raquel Zimmerman debuted her new short bob at a Chloé party in Tokyo. [Modelinia]

Katy Perry Announces Fragrance; M.A.C Plans Wonder Woman Collection