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Meredith Melling Burke to Replace Anne Christensen at T?

From left: Anne Christensen, Meredith Melling Burke, Sally Singer, Nina Garcia, and Kate Lannpear.

Anne Christensen has officially resigned from T as fashion director. As Christensen continues doing freelance styling work, T’s new editor and Vogue alum Sally Singer is on the hunt for a new fashion director to replace her. Sources tell WWD Singer is interested in hiring a freelance fashion director-slash-stylist and a full-time market director. Vogue’s senior market editor, Meredith Melling Burke, is said to be a likely candidate for the market position, although for her to leave Vogue just after Singer’s departure would be a serious blow to the magazine and Anna Wintour.

As for Christensen, while her freelance clients include magazines like Chinese Vogue, she sounds keen on finding another full-time position. She wrote in an e-mail to WWD, “I do want to explore other magazine possibilities. I like having magazine as a base — for a stylist, it gives you a real voice, and that’s important. And I have a great freelance career that I will continue, as well.” There is at least one major fashion-director position open — at Glamour, which longtime fashion director Xanthipi Joannides left in June. Marie Claire fashion director Nina Garcia and Elle style director Kate Lanphear reportedly met with Glamour editor Cindi Leive about the job, but sources told WWD “discussions with Garcia ended shortly after they began.” It would be a serious shame for Elle to lose Lanphear, who is quite talented and stays notably separate from the magazine’s reality-TV ventures, even though her personal style has made her a street-style blog celebrity with a borderline-cult Internet fashion following.


Meredith Melling Burke to Replace Anne Christensen at T?