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Miranda Kerr Married Orlando Bloom But Won’t Say She’s Not Pregnant

What kind of people get married and then have a baby these days? Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom, that’s who! The old-fashioned celebrity couple, who announced their engagement on June 21, just got married this week, their reps confirm. The secret wedding occurred in a likewise secret location. “We are enjoying being engaged for the time being and will take our time in making any plans,” Kerr had said. “We are both very private so would like it to be intimate and personal.”

While Kerr hasn’t been seen with a baby bump, rumors abound that she is pregnant. “We are ignoring them and enjoying this moment,” she said coolly, declining to confirm or deny any reports on the state of her uterus. Her rep said earlier this month she was “unable to make a comment” on Kerr’s purported pregnancy. But Kerr has said she wants kids and thinks Bloom would make a “great dad.”

MirLando may be shaping up to be like famous secret-keepers Gisele and Tom, who barely acknowledged their pregnancy until Gisele looked like she was hiding a basketball under her T-shirts. Those two also didn’t say anything about their wedding until it happened, but everyone knew it went down in Santa Monica. So in the tally of secret things celebrities do, MirLando is winning.

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Miranda Kerr Married Orlando Bloom But Won’t Say She’s Not Pregnant