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New Shots of Greasy Gisele Get Poor Review

Gisele’s new campaign for Brazilian label Colcci is out, and she has the same wet look she did in the label’s last runway show. Normally, Gisele and body grease are a stellar combination, but the style feels off here. But maybe it’s just that Gisele’s skin looks blue and she’s making a duck face? However these came about, Made in Brazil seems to think some blame should fall on photographer Gui Paganini, and wonders why David Simms didn’t shoot the ads as he has in the past. From Made in Brazil:

Most of the spring ad campaigns in Brazil haven’t been unveiled yet, but this one sure is a strong contestant for lack of concept and beauty artist on crack (who in their right mind would throw a bucket of baby oil on Gisele’s head?). When even Gisele looks uninteresting in a picture, you know there is a massive problem with it.

Photo: Courtesy of Colcci

Actor Reynaod Gianecchini appears in the campaign with Gisele, but didn’t have to endure the same oil dousing, which looks to have served him well. You know, just because you have a sheet of bubble paper doesn’t mean you have to pop all the bubbles, and just because you have Gisele to model doesn’t mean you have to make her skin shiny.

Gisele And Gianecchini For Colcci [Made in Brazil]

New Shots of Greasy Gisele Get Poor Review