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Olivier Zahm’s Girlfriend Dumped Him and He Blogged About It

Purple editor Olivier Zahm has never been a one-woman kind of guy — a quick look at his magazine or blog could tell you that. The open relationships he favors seem like a fine idea if both people use condoms and are willing to each swing — what Zahm calls an “alternative love lifestyle.” But apparently being in an open relationship doesn’t mean you can’t get dumped for another primary lover and left in the dust, which is just what happened to Zahm. His primary lover, Natacha Ramsay, just broke up with him for one of her secondary lovers, and Zahm blogged about it.

To all the anonymous friends who follow my life on the Purple Diary, I have to tell you that I’m in a lot of pain. Natacha Ramsay dumped me on Sunday. She ran away with her lover (with whom she has had a long romance that I was aware of and accepted) for a summer of love. She called me to tell me that she loves him, that we are finished. I asked her to come back two times and she said no two times. As you know if you follow the Purple Diary I try to create and promote an alternative love lifestyle (that I used to call in French La Communauté des Amants). Natacha’s decision to leave me so brutally and painfully will certainly be seen by conservative people as a clear feminine revenge against the lifestyle Natacha and I used to share, and think that I’m a dreamer. Right now I’m just a mess. But I will hopefully recover soon and offer you some more pictures of love and sex.

We can all learn an important lesson from Zahm’s experience: The bad thing about alternative love lifestyles is that rebounds don’t mean anything. If you could always just whisk away and screw whomever you wanted, and take pictures of them naked and share the alternative love experiences with the world by posting the pictures on your blog while having a steady, just picking one up after the steady flees isn’t novel or exciting. It’s just eh, same old. Anyway, we’ll see how many days it takes Zahm to get back into the swing of things and start posting shots of naked chicks on Purple Diary again.

Dear Friends [Purple Diary]
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Olivier Zahm’s Girlfriend Dumped Him and He Blogged About It